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The highest degree of flexibility, a varied product portfolio as well as subcontracting with short lead times ensure that we provide customers around the world with the best steel solutions. Our products and services are reliable, delivered on time and always of the consistently high quality GeisslerWista is renowned for.

Bright steel

We supply bright steel with optimal surface structure and roundness, peeled, polished and ground to the narrowest tolerances up to h9 or h6 as well as ready-to-install components. Upon request, for larger dimensions, surfaces can be additionally rough ground. End machining such as centering, planing, and chamfering, including on a small-scale basis, is also possible. Our extensive test procedures in our own laboratory ensure the quality of every product.

Mandrel and shaft bars

We produce mandrel and shaft bars for pipe production with maximum precision. Peeling is possible up to a maximum length of max. 26 m with a dimensional tolerance of up to 0.05 mm. Our variety of product designs guarantee that customers find exactly what they need, whether cylindrically or conically peeled, polished straight and smoothed, sawed at a fixed-length or machined finished. We also work closely with our customers to provide support with the planning and reworking of equipment, and offer complete solutions, including the procurement of semi-finished products.

Inductively hardened shafts

Through inductive hardening we achieve extremely wear-resistant surfaces, as required in sectors such as mechanical engineering where induction hardened steel bars and pipes are used as guide elements and piston rods. Straightened and ground, our bars meet even the narrowest tolerances up to h6.

Subcontracting, also for pipes

Our subcontracting is characterised by short lead times and flexible solutions. We reliably machine low-alloy steels and high quality alloys, using our experience and powerful machinery: rust-free materials, superconductors, titanium alloys, aluminium, tool steels, cast alloys, copper alloys and many other materials. As part of our contract services, rolled and drawn pipes are peeled, straightened and smoothed in accordance with the highest dimensional tolerances so that dimensional accuracy, roundness, straightness and surface structure is optimised to suit the specific purpose. A refined finish is also possible. 

Stockholding distributor

High storage costs and the immense effort involved in purchasing tie up valuable resources for our customers.
As Europe’s leading stockholding distributor for steels with elevated and low temperature properties for connecting elements we provide the optimal solution - flexibly, reliably and quickly. Numerous sales markets such as the automotive industry, wind power sector, shipbuilding, oil industry, petrochemical industry, mechanical engineering, apparatus engineering, engine production benefit from our stockholding distribution system.

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Inductively hardened shaft


Dimension range:
  • 20.00 - 140.00 mm rd. x 500 - 11,000 mm
Geissler Wista Dornstange GMH Gruppe

Mandrel bar


Dimension range:
  • 80.00 - 430.00 mm rd. x 3,500 - 26,000 mm
Geissler Wista Blankstahl GMH Gruppe

Bright steel


Dimension range:
  • 20.00 - 100.00 mm rd. x 3,200 - 11,000 mm
  • 80.00 - 250.00 mm rd. x 3,500 - 26,000 mm