Tailor-made solutions

The production process at GeisslerWista

Powerful manufacturing facilities ensure that our dedicated employees fulfil customer specifications and requirements with precision and the highest level of dimensional accuracy. In addition to these facilities, we also have precise testing technology, including optical measuring systems, manual three-point measuring and documentation of measurement data.

Optimised peeling machines

Our two hard metal peeling machines are equipped with high-precision patented guides for top performance. Machine technology based on our decades of experience and ideas. We use this technology for reliable machining of non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper and bronze as well as high-tech materials such as super conductors, nickel alloys and titanium in addition to steel alloys. The dimension range covered is from 20 to 430 mm rd.

Roll directional polishing machines

Our two roll directional polishing machines enable us to fulfil even the strictest requirements concerning dimensional accuracy, surface structure, roundness and straightness. Optical measuring systems, straightness testing and three-point measuring ensure optimal roundness and the surface property of the machined workpieces. Our facilities can support a dimension range from 15-250 mm rd.

State-of-the-art centreless grinding machines

GeisslerWista GmbH utilises three state-of-the-art centreless grinding machines for a dimension range of 20-160 mm rd, in lengths up to 14 m Grinding polishing machines as well as regulating wheel grinders are are equipped with downstream super-finishing equipment and optimised for the production of semi-finished products used to manufacture piston rods and for hard chrome plating.

Belt and circular saws

We produce fixed lengths with utmost precision on our belt and circular saws. We achieve saw tolerances of up to 1/10 mm with automatic feed, irrespective of the length and diameter of the workpiece. After sawing, automatic deburring of the ends takes place to ensure smooth further processing.

End machining

The unsawed or previously sawed bright steel shaft can be planed, chamfered and centered on our automatic end machining tools. We can machine dimensions from 20.0 to 80 mm rd.